Seafoo is an innovative approach to food production, changing the way we look at eating. Our idea is to create food identical to that obtained from animals, but in laboratory conditions, without their use. It’s a global project aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption associated with food production. With our concept, we can minimize these negative impacts, benefiting the environment.

The future is slowly becoming the present

Why Seafoo?



We envision a world where the taste of caviar meets innovation, and caring for the life of aquatic creatures is a priority. Our vision is to create caviar without the involvement of fish in the entire process, produced in our laboratory with respect for aquatic ecosystems. We aim to be pioneers in caviar production in harmony with nature, ensuring excellent taste without a negative impact on our environment.

Our Goal

We aim to achieve a revolution in the caviar industry, where taste meets responsibility. Our main objective is to create the highest quality caviar while protecting our natural environment. We aspire to inspire others to care for our natural waters through innovative approaches to caviar production.

How it works?

  • collection of stem cells,
  • cultivation in a bioreactor,
  • cell differentiation,
  • production of roe and ready-made meals

Priceless benefits

Tissue culture method of food production brings a range of benefits that have a tangible impact on water conservation, species preservation, and air quality. This innovative technology allows us to alleviate pressure on aquatic ecosystems, reduce the risk of species extinction, and decrease greenhouse gas emissions associated with traditional animal farming methods.

Faster and better...

Our method significantly shortens the production time of caviar from over 10 years to approximately 10 weeks. This breakthrough not only accelerates the availability of caviar but also minimizes the environmental impact associated with traditional methods, marking a significant advancement in sustainable caviar production

Production without a fish

The innovative production of caviar using tissue culture without the involvement of fish is a revolutionary step towards the protection of species and ecosystems. This sustainable method not only ensures the perfect parameters of caviar but also contributes to a global change for the protection of the natural environment.

Control and safety...

Laboratory conditions provide stability and predictability in the caviar production process. With the ability to scale our method, we can produce approximately one ton of caviar in a single bioreactor, compared to 250 kg on a farm. This not only means greater efficiency but also reduced consumption of natural resources and optimization of the production process.

March 2023
  • Incubation of the idea and
    founding a company

April 2023
  • Debut at the largest seafood fair in Europe, Barcelona 2023

October 2023
  • International recognition,
    From Start-to-Table acceleration!

  • Receiving the Luxury Brand of the Year award at the Gala in Warsaw

  • Starting participation in the StartSmart CEE program

Mateusz Galiński CEO

(Chief Executive Officer)

Miłosz Szmajda CTO

(Chief Technology Officer)

Piotr Orłowski CSO

(Chief Science Officer)

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